A Nuremberg Tribunal for Israeli Criminals in palestinian lands

Consciência.Net, a daily magazine dedicated to news about citizenship, international relations, education and politics, released a public petition asking a trial of the State of Israel by the International Court for war crimes it has been committing against the Palestinians in Gaza and the other occupied territories.


Check right below the full petition:


We, the undersigned, are ordinary people: workers, labourers, employees, teachers, artisans, lawyers, doctors, artists, businessmen and women.



We will not allow a shroud of silence to descend upon the crimes committed in July of 2014 by Israeli leaders, nor those committed before or after this date.



We want to have all politicians in power in Israel and all those accountable within the Israeli army convened before an International Court of Justice for judgement and sentencing.

Judged and sentenced for having hemmed in the Gazans, subjecting them to an inhuman embargo and having attacked and massacred them by the hundreds and thousands with barbaric arms. Judged and sentenced for having killed over one thousand five hundred civilians, men, women and children, the elderly, and injuring several thousand more, the majority of whom will perish in the aftermath of atrocious mutilations inflicted upon them.



We want to have the political and military leaders arrested and brought before a tribunal, but not them alone.



We want to know who gave orders to fire bombshells at the children on the beach. And who fired. Who gave orders to bomb schools, hospitals, and who did the bombing. Who gave orders to machine-gun ambulances and who did the gunning.



Who killed unarmed civilians on a given day at a given spot? They are accountable when committing a crime, they all must be judged, man par man, soldier by soldier.



These are war crimes, crimes against humanity committed with the clear intent of genocide.



There exists no statute of limitations for such crimes.

Hence, we, who are ordinary people, will never forget and will pursue these criminals until justice has been done.



We hold our own governments liable for performing their duty to do justice, for they can respectively take the required action for bringing the criminals before the court.



We support the claim lodged by the Palestinian Authorities before the International Criminal Court of Justice.



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