Motion in support of the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong

Started more than two weeks ago, the popular uprising in Hong Kong still face tension and police repression, with violence and arbitrary arrests of protesters.

Students demand democracy in current electoral model, submissive to the Chinese communist regime, and remain at the streets in demonstrations inspired in Occupy Wall Street.

The CSP-Conlutas sent motion in support for students and requires immediate stop of repression and political interference from the Chinese regime. Also guarantees of free expression, for democracy now!

Check the motion letter bellow:


Motion in support of the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong


The CSP-Conlutas, a new Confederation Trade Union and Popular Movement in Brazil which brings together unions and popular movements such as landless and housing movements, hereby express their support and solidarity to the struggle of students and workers of Hong Kong who have been seeking for democracy in the face of attacks perpetrated by the Chinese government.


The large demonstrations, confronting the dictatorship imposed by the Chinese Communist Party, fight against the increasing control exerted by Beijing in order to impose, forcibly, the “political loyalty” of Hong Kong.


In August, China announced that as of 2017 the local chief executive could be elected by universal suffrage. However, the population will only be allowed to choose among the candidates selected by a committee under the authority of the Chinese regime.


Inspired by other streets occupation movements, such as the “Occupy Wall Street” in the United States, university students in Hong Kong face the scorching sun, pepper spray and tear bombs. Additionally, the protesters are fighting against arbitrary arrests and against an intimidation policy, used in order to cool down the protests.


We reject with all our strength the escalating repression imposed by the Chinese government which wants to put an end to the streets cry for freedom, using the brute force.


Lastly, we make our thinking clear: despite the employed terminology there is no communist regime in China. Also: a regime which actually benefits and assume the defense of the interests of workers, students and the majority of the population can not hinder the right of these sectors to express themselves, to express their views freely and democratically.


- For elections in Hong Kong without the authoritarian interference of the Chinese regime. Democracy now!


- Immediate end to repression and guarantee of democratic rights to demostrations the people of Hong Kong.


Bureau of International Relations of CSP-Conlutas – Brazil