Metalworkers organize demonstration at the International Automobile Trade Show in São Paulo

The CSP-Conlutas and metalworkers of São José dos Campos (SP, Brazil) will conduct their first demonstration after the presidential election period aiming at pressuring the federal government. On Friday, the 31st, as of 14:00 h, it will be held a demonstration at the International Automobile Trade Show in São Paulo, in order to demand measures to defend the jobs in the automakers.


The workers advocate especially, the signing of a provisional measure to ensure the employment stability. Today, there are thousands of metalworkers throughout the country in “lay-off” (a measure which suspends the employment contracts) and in collective vacation.


At General Motors of São José dos Campos (SP), there are 930 workers in “lay-off” since September. In the plant of São Caetano, city of the ABC region of São Paulo, the automaker plans to dismiss 200 workers and place more than 800 in “lay-off”.


Unlike what President Dilma Rousseff wants us to believe the unemployment rate goes on increasing in the automakers. According to Dieese (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies) – subsection of the Metalworkers Trade Union of São José dos Campos, there was loss of 10.4 thousand jobs between September 2013 and September 2014 in the sector across the country.


At the demonstration at the International Automobile Trade Show, the CSP-Conlutas is going to hand out pamphlets containing information about the reality of those who work in the automakers. Besides the employment stability, the category also claims for the working hours’ reduction, the adoption of a National Collective Agreement and the ban of corporate profits remittance to their headquarters abroad.


“Carmakers have been working heavily towards reducing the manpower costs. The federal government has already awarded billions in tax breaks for the industry and yet the workers continue to be penalized.

Let’s pressure the government to take urgent measures in favor of the workers”, said the general secretary of Metalworkers Trade Union of São José dos Campos and a member of the CSP-Conlutas, Luiz Carlos Prates, the ‘Mancha’.


The International Automobile Trade Show will be held at the Anhembi Exhibition Center, in São Paulo.