Embraer workers go on strike for an indefinite period

Embraer’s steelworkers of São José dos Campos, went on strike for an indefinite period, this Wednesday, October 5th. The stoppage has happened due to the rejection of the salary readjustment proposal by 7.4% submitted by Embraer and Fiesp (Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo), in the last round of negotiation with the Steelworkers Trade Union of São José dos Campos and Region.

The decision was made at a meeting with the workers of the second shift of Faria Lima unity.

The proposed readjustment represents only 1% of actual raise and
is much lower than the readjustments already achieved by other steelworkers’ factories in the region. In this Wage Campaign, more than 80 agreements have already been closed, between 9% and 11% of readjustments.

At Embraer, the workers demand 10% of readjustment (3.43% of actual raise), keeping the same amount of discount in the payroll of the health insurance plan (which Embraer wants to increase by 100%), and the employment stability.

The strike that began today is the continuation of the 24-hour stoppage held on October 21, which forced the aeronautics industry’s employer team to reopen negotiations. By then, the proposal was 6.6%. This progress in the index proposal, however, was not yet enough.

A new meeting will be held on Thursday, the 6th, with the workers of the first shift, as of 5:30 am.

Altogether, Embraer employs approximately 13,000 workers in São José dos Campos.
Besides Embraer, the steelworkers of other five plants of the aeronautics industry have already rejected the proposal of 7.4%: Latecoere, Graúna, Sobraer, Sopeçaero and Alestis. They are all partners of Embraer, the largest metallurgical employer in the region.

“With profits on the rise and with billions of Reais (R$) in contracts with the federal government, Embraer has all the necessary conditions to offer higher readjustment to its workers. For this reason, we will keep the strike until the company is no longer intransigent and meets the steelworkers’ demands”, says the vice-president of the Trade Union, Herbert Claros da Silva, who is an employee of Embraer.

The Steelworkers Trade Union of São José dos Campos and Region is affiliated to the CSP-Conlutas.