Volkswagen in Brazil announces mass dismissal and workers go on strike

Volkswagen announced the dismissal of 800 workers in plant of São Bernardo do Campo city, São Paulo.


With these layoffs Volkswagen violates the agreement with the union in 2012, which provided for the stability of employees by 2016. For this reason, workers meeting in assembly decided to strike until the company review of layoffs.


In the last December, Volkswagen tried to negotiate with the workers another deal, stating that there was a surplus of 2100 workers in the factory and the automaker needed to gain competitiveness.


The proposal was to cut the salary adjustments in 2015 and 2016, as well as a voluntary layoff program.


The union has links with the Brazilian government and therefore tried to convince workers to accept a bad agreement with the company. But this proposal was rejected by the workers because it measures that cut labor rights.



Today 7 am, more than 7,000 workers voted for the start the strike. The stoppage is internal, that is, workers remain at the factory, but without performing any task.


In social networks, the member of the Executive Secretariat of the CSP-Conlutas, José Maria de Almeida, rejected the dismissals made by automakers, in addiction to government subsidies, sent billions in profits out of the country. “In the last eight years the automakers sent out of the country about 10 billion dollars. Now, facing the first manifestation of the crisis car sales, they discharges the problem on the backs of workers? “enquires Zé Maria. “Only the money sent out as remittance of profits abroad could to pay the wages of these workers who are being laid off year after year. The mass dismissal, therefore, is an expression of greediness of these multinationals, “says the director.


The workers of Brazil and the world should support the struggle of the workers of Volkswagen Brazil.


Check out right bellow video from Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos in solidarity with Volkswagen workers on strike:



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