International Labour Networking of Solidarity and Struggles organize new meeting and plans of actions

In March 2013, it was held in Saint-Denis (France), the meeting that, after several months of exchanges and joint working, it was decided to create the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles. The text that groups together our organizations is the call adopted during the meeting of Saint-Denis (attached).

Today, around sixty organizations in Europe, in the Americas, Africa and Asia have signed this call. These are confederations or national trade union organizations, professional associations, local trade unions, or trade union trends.
For 21 months we have progressively put this network in motion. Solidarity actions were carried out, there have been information exchanges, the Network’s organizations have taken several initiatives, some of them gathered together in a small geographic area, a website has been built (it will soon be renovated!), some communications have been made on behalf of the Network, contacts have been made with organizations that were not present in our first meeting, the international trade union work has advanced in some professional sectors, etc.

But there are also outstanding issues with respect to certain commitments undertaken together: nothing, or very little has been done regarding some issues or sectors that we had chosen as main axes.
Upon completion of our first meeting, our three organizations (CSP-Conlutas Brazil, Solidaires France, and CGT from the Spanish State) took over the coordinating enforcement of the collective decisions, of the increase of the Network activities. Specifically, we have extended this coordination to the comrades of the TIE Germany (to expand the network) and to the comrades of the CNT-SO (National Confederation of Labour – Solidarity of Workers), France (for the website).
We are proposing to everyone a second international meeting to be held on 8 and 9 June 2015, in Sumaré (São Paulo) in Brazil, invitation of the CSP-Conlutas. We will prepare together the agenda, but as of now, we can already affirm that the issues to be discussed will be – based on the balance of the work done since March 2013: – define quite specifically how we will be able to strengthen the efficiency of the International Labour Network of Solidarity and Struggles; how the Network should work to be an increasingly useful tool to all our organizations and many others in the world; to organize the necessary labor struggles, rooted in local realities, placing ourselves as close as possible to the grassroots and, intensify the internationalism, since this is an indispensable dimension to the trade unionism we advocate and practice, a trade unionism which works for a profound social transformation .

We require and appreciate that organizations confirm their interest on attending this meeting, so that the comrades of the CSP-Conlutas can work in the best possible conditions with regard to the practical aspects.