Solidarity with NUMSA and workers in struggle in South Africa

We intend to express our complete disapproval about the exclusion of Numsa by Cosatu. This exclusion, decided by Cosatu’ leaders, is against Cosatu federation’ status and in opposition to principles that rule relations within labor movement itsef.


We agree with our comrades from NUMSA : it’s an attack against all the southafrican labor movement. COSATU acted against democraty and against its own rules NUMSA workers react in favor of unions’ freedom in regard of governement’ political party. Governement’ choices will increase inequalities and suffering for workers, exploited and oppressed in South-Africa.


We intend to express our support and our solidarity to the struggle of our comrades of NUMSA. They won’t let this neo-liberal government divide the worker movement.


At least, we deeply condamn what happened after the NUMSA’ expulsion, professor Patrick Bond’ office (KwaZulu Natal University) attacked and destroy.


Again, we affirm our support and solidarity to comrades targeted because they express their support for NUMSA.


For the International trade union network of solidarity and struggle:
Central Sindical e Popular – Conlutas (Brasil)
Union syndicale Solidaires (France)
Confederación General del Trabajo (Estado espagnol)